Kim Whitener

BMP: Producer Academy Program Director

Kim Whitener is an independent creative producer, working in the contemporary opera-theatre, music-theatre, and other multi-genre landscapes through her company, KiWi Productions. From early 2007 to late 2018, she was the Producing/Executive Director at HERE in NYC, and was a founding co-director of the PROTOTYPE opera-theatre festival, along with partners at Beth Morrison Project, collectively directing eight festivals through January 2020. Prior to joining HERE, Ms. Whitener spent six years as an independent producer with KiWi Productions, working with a range of US artists in the contemporary theatre, opera- & music-theatre, dance-theatre, and multi-media worlds, including The Builders Association, Big Dance Theater, Toni Dove, Martha Clarke, Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theater, 33 Fainting Spells, among others. She was Managing Director of The Wooster Group for four years, and held other theatre management and producing positions in NY, Boston, and Philadelphia with a specialty in new music-theatre. She has served on many grant panels and taught seminars nationally and internationally on production, management, and development of projects for touring. She was very involved in the development and teaching of BMP: Producer Academy in 2020-21.